Lingam Tantric Massage

Lingam Tantric Massage is a sacred tantric massage that is performed on men. Lingam is another word from the Sanskrit language which translates to “wand of light” referring to the male sexual organs.

This type of massage enables the male client to be on the receiving end of things without having to reciprocate. He can surrender himself to our tantric masseuses and receive pleasure beyond his wildest imagination.

When you arrive, you will have the choice to take a shower or freshen up before your massage. This would be ideal if you have come straight from work. One of our beautiful masseuses will then take you into a candlelit room where she will ask you to lay down on one of our comfortable beds. We will be playing relaxing music in the background and the aroma of the oils and scents that we use will linger inside the room while the massage is taking place.

Lingam Tantric Massage For Men

Throughout the massage our gorgeous girl will concentrate on your penile shaft, the perineum and also the testicles opening up his masculine sexual energies. Massaging reflex points which, when properly stimulated have an effect inside the whole male sexual organs. The sexual energy is dispersed to the last pore all over the body and then built on. It’s so pleasurable the orgasm is experienced throughout the whole body.

Our Lingam massages are not just sexual, they are very spiritual too. You will feel a sense of freedom when done professionally.

Our Lingam tantric massage can be a great experience as well as pleasurable for any man. We are more than sure, that with one of our goddesses you would not have ever experienced such intensity. So, if you would like to experience a Lingam massage for yourself or you would like to book another visit, then please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are all waiting to hear from you.