Tantra is a spiritual science that’s pretty ancient and been about for around 7000 years. Tantra for couples is a really good way for reigniting and realigning, the spark, passion, love and energy. Helping create the mind and body connection, that leads you and your partner to a more powerful intimacy level and feeling in a higher place of oneness.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual way to create a more deeper bond not only on a sensual level but on a spiritual level also. When you enter one of our treatment rooms there will be lightly scented diffusers and room sprays to help relax you and your partner. The goddess will select a couple of our essential oils before the treatment takes place. You will be able to undress and get comfortable with some light subtle breathing exercises to help relax you both and release any fear that you may have before the treatment takes place.

This couples treatment Can be very stimulating and pleasing and alluring because both you and your partner and the goddess will be radiating their sensuality and spirituality all in one room. Helping you reignite and align the love and passion that you may have lost through out both your journey. Tantra for couples can benefit the relationship in many of ways not just on a sensual side of things, but helping you and your partner unite and heal by taking you to that supreme, infinite consciousness.

Our goddesses are highly in tune and spiritual and no how to awaken all of the energy within your energy field. Helping align, cleanse and recharge all those beautiful subtle energies within you both. Allowing You and your partner to reconnect on a more deeper sensual but spiritual level and help you both learn how to over come all of those obstacles, that may hinder and create blocks in your relationship.

At sensual touch you and your love one will be feeling more in harmony, through connecting the mind and body, giving you both a natural flow and function. Tantra really gives the body its place on a spiritual liberation.

  • Alignment
  • Healing
  • Reignite the Spark
  • Release resentments
  • Strengthen Immune system
  • Great for health and well being
  • Elevates Mood
  • Sexual Chemistry
  • Rekindle intimacy in relationship
  • Practice on being more emotionally bonded
  • Aura & chakra cleansing
  • Restore positive thoughts & feelings for oneselves
  • Intimacy issue
  • Detox Mind, Body & Soul
  • Feeling oneness
  • Feeling connected
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Sexual Awakening