When you enter one of our massage rooms there will be lightly scented diffusers and room sprays to help relax you and your partner. The goddess will select a couple of our essential oils before the massage takes place. Both masseuse and yourselves will be nude in order for all the energies to suppress and twine into one.

This couples sensual massage Will be very stimulating and pleasing and alluring because both you and your partner and the goddesses will be radiating their sexuality in one room.

Our goddesses are highly in tune and very spiritual with energy and know how to relax our clients into a place of paradise So when you combine all of those energyโ€™s, helping rise all those feeling and sensual emotions into one room the energies are like paradise.

  • Alignment
  • Healing
  • Reignite the Spark
  • Release resentments
  • Strengthen Immune system
  • Great for health and well being
  • Elevates Mood
  • Sexual Chemistry
  • Rekindle intimacy in relationship
  • Practice on being more emotionally bonded
  • Aura & chakra cleansing
  • Restore positive thoughts & feelings for oneselves
  • Intimacy issue
  • Full body orgasm
  • Detox Mind, Body & Soul