Hello my name is Aphaea

Welcome to my page, a little introduction about myself I am a true goddess with the most calming therapeutic vibration, with a very pretty complexion. I take care of my inner being just as much as my outer self. I feel it makes a difference to your aura, when you are fulfilled within it let’s of a glow and your energy becomes more gravitational. I have my own little style which Makes me very unique.

I enjoy connecting with nature breathing in all the beauty around me, I love meditating and clearing my aura first thing in the morning and getting into alignment with my spiritual side of life.

I have the most wonderful magnetic energy and calmness to me, which you will feel when we meet.

I will help relax and humble your mind, body and spirit with my skilful alluring touch and I’m sure you will have a gravitational attraction instantly.

I am very spiritual, artistic and creative and can take you into your body and out of your mind helping you feel more cleansed and relaxing you into a place of bliss.