Tantric massage is probably the most popular type of massage that is associated with sensual touch. This Tantric massage is very pleasurable and is comprehensive care for the mind, body and soul, it is therapeutic and reduces the stress level and increases the sensitivity of all the body parts. Creating a deeper dimension of relaxation of body and spirit. Connecting both yourself and the masseuse’s vital energy, giving you life and renewal.

The massage will be relaxing and peaceful rather than stimulating but still uses sexual energy that allows a higher state of consciousness. Sensual Touch study the art of tantric and will awaken all energy that has been blocked in for so long and leave dormant energy field within the body.

We will use special techniques to help relax your mind and your body in addition to relieving physical ailments and to allow the emotional pain to subside.

Some of our clients tell us that they are not so stressed out after receiving a tantric massage from one of our girls. Some have even said that they feel less fearful about certain things that have happened in their life. We have had clients that feel more energetic and alert. This type of massage has allowed them to be more active throughout the day and has helped them to sleep better throughout the night.

  • Awakening the spirit
  • Full body orgasm
  • Relaxation
  • Sexual Healing
  • Intimacy issues
  • Removes stress and strain
  • Aura and chakra repair
  • Lifts Energy
  • Healing
  • Higher vibrations
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhances Sexual Drive

  • Enhances Emotional well being
  • Releases Trauma

On the day of your tantric massage, you will enter a calm gentle candlelit room with soft music and light incense to help create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Your goddess will ask you to lay face down. She will use soft and subtle strokes and gentle breathing techniques, focusing on keeping breaths in synch as the massage continues.

Our tantric massage therapists are all trained and highly experienced in this type of massage.

Creating a sensual mood between the client and the goddess, aligning the energy in your bodyโ€™s is really important. We want you to feel as comfortable as we do while the massage is taking place.