Tantric massage is probably the most popular type of massage that is associated with sensual touch. This treatment is comprehensive care for connecting the mind, body, soul and spirit. This practice is therapeutic and reduces the stress level and increases the sensitivity of all the body parts. Creating a deeper dimension of relaxation of body and spirit. Connecting both yourself and the goddesses vital energy, giving you life and renewal through the connection.

This treatment will take place in a relaxing setting with a comfortable temperature. The lights will be dim, the goddess will light a scented candle and put on some relaxing Tantra music.

Tantric Massage is a slow, meditative form of a more intense awakening. Not only does this treatment have the benefits of sexual awakening, but you also have the benefits of a spiritual awakening with many more benefits, you may experience during and after treatment. You may feel more connected and as one with the divine energy, the end goal is enjoying the sensual but spiritual journey and sensations of the body. Its aims is to move the energy throughout the entire body for healing, transformation, and enlightenment.

  • Awakening the spirit
  • Sexual Awakenings

  • Relaxation
  • Sexual Healing
  • Intimacy issues
  • Removes stress and strain
  • Aura and chakra repair
  • Lifts Energy
  • Healing
  • Higher vibrations
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhances Sexual Drive

  • Enhances Emotional well being
  • Releases Trauma
  • Connecting the mind to the body

Tantric encourages people to get to know their own body and become in tune with them. By understanding the desire of one’s own self, sexuality and spiritual path. Tantric goes a lot deeper than just a sexual awakening. It is a spiritual science that has been about for 7000 years. one can incorporate so many things during there treatment with the goddess. This treatment may lead to greater fulfilment.