Here at Sensual Touch we use a variety of essential oils and sensual scented room sprays and diffusers to help you and the masseuse breath all the beautiful powerful energies radiated from the smells in the room clearing away every bit of blocked energy deep within you, these oils and diffusers work magically well with the massage of your choice. The goddesses at sensual touch are very in alignment with clients and can pick up on things that you may be struggling with as you know tantric is about radiated energy which the masseuses will automatically pick up on certain energy’s missing and the oils and products are very important with the tantric massage of your choice. our goddesses will meditate with the diffusers before you arrive filling them self’s with flowing blossoming blissful radiant energy’s and also erotic vitality.

Here is a list of oils, diffusers and room sprays that we use at sensual touch as we only use the best products for our clients and goddesses that are all made from natural ingredients and are of High quality. All of our listings come in oils diffusers and sprays.

Meditation This helps cleanse, purify, detox and calms the atmosphere. Prepares the person and room for mindfulness. Invites and invokes spiritual aid.

Personal Power This aids lost confidence created by low self-esteem and helpless, powerless and assertive issues. Helps inspire and promote self-belief and self-love. Helps one claim back their power after distressing circumstances so that one can live their true potential.)

Super calm This helps create calm made by anger, agitation, restlessness, hyper activity, fears, phobias, panic, inner hysteria, anxiousness and Frayed nerves.)

Self-love This helps one to love themselves, helps stop self-loafing, self-harm and self-punishment caused by abuse, deep regret and guilt through trauma in life and negative messages that create a cycle of feeling unlovable.

Super aura and Chakra repair This helps cleanse, purify and repair the multiple auric bodies, assists chakra function and repair. Grounds and protects one from psychic attack. Strengthens the mind, body and soul.

Love potion Sensuously inviting. Helps to rekindle a loveless relationship. Opens the heart to invite love and romance. Invokes love and union of souls.

Super pick me up This eases feelings of being unable to cope that may cause depression. Uplifts the mind and spirit. Supports personal power to overcome difficulties. Helps detox the mind of extreme negative thinking that may create intrusive thoughts that keep you feeling blocked and locked away in the mind.

Stress buster Relaxes stress, tension caused by overwhelm, burnout, chronic fatigue, nerves s and nerve problems.

Crystal clear Helps cleanse, purify and detox emotional distress, mental anguish, negative thinking and negative energy.

Positive attitude Helps release pessimistic, negative thoughts and feelings made by persistent negative, messaging. Opens one up to experience the law of attraction by helping to change one’s expectations.

Sleep-ezy Relaxes and helps one create calm made by a nervous, agitated, stressful and unrested mind. Helps prepare one for a restful sleep. Soothes the soul.

Vibrancy Energy boost for lost joie de vivre caused by low energy after long periods of grief or suffering and depleted mental and physical reserves.

Super psychic Heightens awareness and sharpens psychic sensitivity. Helps one to become insightful. Clears the mind, ego and aura to enable easy connection to universal consciousness and all-that- is. Prevents psychic fatigue.

All of our oils diffusers and sprays help bring all the beautiful energies flowing throughout the body and atmosphere of the room, helping in stimulating you and giving you vibrational energies that will help in healing and completing you in feeling active and positive to get back to your day to day life.