During this massage we will align you with your partner, we highly recommend that you are touching at the tops of your heads so both massage beds will be lined up together. If you want to be side by side that is also perfectly fine

We normally recommend head touching and both beds aligned as we believe the delivery of this massage will be more beneficial because as you and your partner’s energy will be more intimate and you will feel the head and movement of each other.

You can both look up at any time and see your partner or the masseuse carrying out your massage. Its common for couples to have this massage to help heal and repair a marriage or relationship that may have had certain insecurities between partners that have made you both feel uncertain about one another.

With both your heads mirroring one another this is allowing both energies without the Goddesses blocking your energy to facilitate the flow through each another. During this service you will both be face down head can be turned to the side if more comfortable and your arms will both be on the arm rests in front and to the side of your heads allowing you both to touch each other hands and head feeling intimate with each other, helping you both reignite the feelings and passion you had for each other. The Goddess will normally be dressed in lingerie, normally they will not be naked as the Goddess masseuses are there to use their magical skills and  profound blissful therapeutic energy and radiating it amongst you both to bring you back to the couple that were previously totally and passionately in in love, to take away all the violated energy. Both our goddesses will help you get into a comfortable relaxing position and state of awareness. We will use essential oils and sensual candles around the beds to make it feel an intense romantic atmosphere. We will use sexual healing oils and may use a drop or two of other oils to help boost whatever is required to give power to your intimacy.

Our Goddess will play soft tantric music and will massage both you and your partner opening up all the chakras and physical and mental blocks you both have and help bring you closer with one another. This massage is very positive and have had many couples come back for regular sessions, confirming it has helped heal restore the passion and love that they once thought was missing and never going to regain again.

It helps you both become more open and intimate with each other and get back your sexual connection which could have started to fail.

If you wanted something a little more intimate please do check out our Couples Tantric Massage service as the massage is very similar however it is more intimate with you and your partner as we use our special techniques to help bring you close together. You will love either of our Massage services for couples, if in any doubt please email or phone and we can cater to you and your partner giving you the best memories and awaken feelings of sexual awareness and attraction that may have faded recently.