Yoni Tantric massage

The word Yoni is an exotic word we use to describe the female intimate body part, it comes from the Indian language Sanskrit and translates to “a sacred place” or “the divine passage”.

The Yoni Tantric Massage is ideal for all women who would like to connect with their own sensuality and to feel extreme pleasure throughout their whole body. A Yoni massage can be quite intense but will certainly help you to release tension from your body, mind and emotions.

At Sensual Touch, we feel that it is really important to create the perfect atmosphere where our lovely ladies can relax freely. If it is your first time experiencing our Yoni Tantric Massage and you are really nervous, then please do not worry. This massage will relax you in ways that you never thought possible. Our gorgeous girls are experienced, friendly and will make you feel at ease.

Advantages to having a Yoni Massage

  • It will remove stress and blockages from your body
  • It may help to release pain and trauma from the past
  • Ideal if you have intimacy issues
  • You may experience more intense orgasms

When you arrive, we will give you the option to shower or freshen up before your massage. One of our beautiful masseuses will then take to you into a candlelit room where she will ask you to lay down on one of our comfortable beds. There will be soft music playing in the background and the subtle smell of the oils and scents will linger inside the room while the massage is taking place.

The Yoni Tantric Massage will begin. Our experienced masseuse will start by rubbing oil all over your body, using soft, slow gliding strokes. She will concentrate on the sensitive parts including your breasts.

After a short time, she will make her way down to your Yoni. She will focus on this area a lot more using soft light strokes, stimulating the outer area of this sensitive part. We know that every woman is different so if we see that you enjoy being massaged in a particular place or in certain way, then your own Goddess will respond to this accordingly. The tension in your body will disappear, you will feel calm and relaxed. You may even have the sexual desire to orgasm, and more than once.

With the stress and any other blockages removed from your body through using the art of tantric Yoni massage you will feel the high radiated sexual energy flowing through all your body with high sensitivity.